New V12 FREE Project - Making Jewelry Tray with Sketch Carving

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New V12 FREE Project - Making Jewelry Tray with Sketch Carving

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In this video Beki shows you how you can use the brand new sketch carving feature in v12 to create a jewelry tray that would be the perfect keepsake gift for your Mom on Mother’s Day, or any day for that matter!

She shows you how easy it is to simply take a photo on your phone, import it into the software and apply a quick sketch carve toolpath to decorate the simple trinket style tray. Realizing the potential of this powerful toolpath Beki decided to try out other examples and ways that this toolpath could be applied. From utilizing some of the free models from the Design and Make store to make quick cutouts, to using stock imagery and sketch carving into acrylic to create an LED Light. Then looking at how you can use specialized material like black valcromat (MDF) with a painted surface to carve an instant contrast of your favorite pop icon, and she’s only just scratched the surface! We can’t wait to see what you make with the new sketch carving toolpath!

Happy Making!

Click here to download the files: ... ch-carving

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