Menu/buttton size are small

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Menu/buttton size are small

Post by vezpolo »

I tried to search here on the forum. I just upgraded from vcarve pro 11.5 to aspire 11.5 and the button on the left menus are tiny on my lap top. has anyone seen this or have a work around? its fine on my PC's but the lap top is small. when I open up vcarve pro the buttons are normal size. I have a new laptop running window 11.

Screenshot (1).png
Screenshot (2).png

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Re: Menu/buttton size are small

Post by Adrian »

Check your windows (and graphic driver) settings for display scaling etc. There's no setting in Aspire that would do that.

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Re: Menu/buttton size are small

Post by mohamed »

Aspire & VCarve 11.5 are not DPI aware which means that the system handles the scaling of the entire app when it's on the non-default DPI scaling settings. Assuming you're doing the comparison between VCarve and Aspire both on the laptop, is it possible that you have scaled / overridden the scaling of VCarve but not Aspire through the Properties->Compatibility->High DPI Settings menu? You can find more on this here. From the picture, it also seems that you have the text scaled up as well from the Window Settings? The combination of the 2 produces a similar effect on my PC.

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