Design & Make Newsletter January 2023

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Design & Make Newsletter January 2023

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Todd's Top Tip

It's easy to associate design & make clipart files with your v11.5 Vectric software. Once it is set up, when you double-click on a piece of clipart, your software will open up, set up a new job, and import it in!

Swans In Love - New Love Theme Models OUT NOW!

We’re introducing our brand new Swans in Love model at the Design & Make store! Gliding with grace along our waterways performing a heart with their necks, these love birds are the perfect symbol of true love and loyalty; soul mates for life famed for their hope of long-lasting happy relationships.
Dive into your clipart and see how easy it is to create a great project using just a single model! Simply place your swan on one of the free clipart plaques within your software, add your v-carved message and in no time at all you’ve got your very own personalized Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift, a wedding favor, or even a wildlife themed house sign.


Hack of The Week No.258 - Lasting Love


New Architectural Elements Coming Soon!

AM Woodcrafts

We love to hear what our community are making but some are a little shy of the spotlight so we coaxed Alex Rodriguez out of his Idaho hideaway to show us how he uses exotic hardwood end grains and off cuts teamed with Design & Make clipart to give his growing business a culinary edge.
Alex loves to create his chaotic style of home accessories using padauk, walnut, purpleheart, cherry, maple and maple ambrosia, adding epoxy or mineral oil to enhance the rare grains and craftsmanship. Find out how he adapted this catch-all tray to add our steampunk ‘Clocktopus’ model and give it a sassy twist.
VIEW CASE STUDY ... -all-tray/

Would you like to feature in our monthly newsletter?
We would love to hear what our fabulous makers are using Design & Make clipart for in your workshops, so email us your stories to:

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Re: Design & Make Newsletter January 2023

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regarding "architectural ...": any chance one or more of the designs incorporate peony flowers?

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