Mason Jar Lid

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Mason Jar Lid

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This mini project was inspired by the latest "Threading" thread by Mobious1, discussing how to make coarse threads for Mason jar lids and the like.

Here is my new and improved version that lends itself to gifting purposes. The jar lid is made from 3/4" myrtle with a decorative inlay of mountain mahogany and a separate spoon of red oak, just what I had as remnants available. It still holds the sheet metal lid with the gasket inside.

It is threaded using a 1/2"x3/16" keyhole bit on a fluting tool path with 2 full circle turns and short half-circle lead-in and lead-out. The same vector is used with a profile tool path for the top and bottom thread relief.
Since the required thread pitch for the lid is 4 tpi (i.e. 1/4" per turn) and the keyhole bit flute is 3/16" tall, the remaining thread ridge is 1/16" or 1.6mm.
A little narrow but it works. A slotting bit with 1/8" flute like Whiteside 3094 would be better, though. The files for the keyhole version are here: ...
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Mason Jar Lid

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delightful to behold, as always. thanks.

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