Kountry Kabin (Or Michael made me do it)

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Kountry Kabin (Or Michael made me do it)

Post by rtibbs »

I had seen a model called Hunter Cabin that Michael T had made previously. Unfortunately it was on a different platform not compatible with Aspire.
Michael said “You have all the tools in Aspire to model one yourself ”. Yes, I had all the tools in my toolbox but not necessarily the skill set to use them. :? Anyway, challenge accepted Michael. :wink:
I call mine Kountry Kabin.
Made from 3/4 inch Big Box pine planned to .650 thickness.
Double sided model to get the interlaced logs textured on both sides, Amber Shellac finish on the logs. I didn't think any respectable cabin should be set on the ground so I provided it with a concrete block foundation to sit on.
Approximately 7-1/2 x 7-1/2 x 10 inches high. Hope the birdies like it.

PS As to the painted trim.....we won't discuss that :oops: Painting isn't my strong suit.

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Re: Kountry Kabin (Or Michael made me do it)

Post by ich-fräs-das »

Hi Ron,
I’m impressed.


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Re: Kountry Kabin (Or Michael made me do it)

Post by scotttarnor »

Very nice! I really like how you did it two sided for the log ends!
Scott T


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Re: Kountry Kabin (Or Michael made me do it)

Post by scottp55 »

Well Done Ron!
Had to zoom in to see your door handle...Nice touch!!

Had a good chuckle about the foundation....even if it did help with the model :)

Having stayed in log cabins for several months(not counting my Gramp's for years total),
It really depends on how many hours you are in on dirt roads, or if you even had a road when cabin was built. Pretty much use what's around and how many warm bodies are there to help. :)
If seaplane is the only way in...things get inventive:)
Daicey Pond Pines.jpg
Gotta admit you did a better job of peeling your logs than my friend Bob Johnson(https://www.allagashlodge.com/johnsons- ... hotos-2012)
who had to pretty much build by himself(with a ton of ropes an pulleys:)
Bob Johnson one man addition.jpg
Again....Well done!! :)
"When in doubt...Zero it out!"

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Re: Kountry Kabin (Or Michael made me do it)

Post by mtylerfl »

Home run, Ron! Challenge accomplished, and then some! Beautiful outcome and really cool mods!
Michael Tyler



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