Free Project of the Month - Remote Control Depository

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Free Project of the Month - Remote Control Depository

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Hi everyone,

Take a look at our latest free project courtesy of Michael Tyler - The Remote Control Depository.

See how it was made here:

The remote control depository is a great way to organize the “remote clutter” in your media room! As long as a remote is placed back in the depository when finished, you’ll never have to go hunting for your remote control(s) anymore!

There are three built-in receptacles to stand-up the remotes for stowing. Depending upon the size of your remotes, it should hold at least 4 or 5. The construction consists of five layers of material - three middle layers that form the dividers and compartment areas, and two decorative outer panels that form the sides of the container.

The pocketed recess panel design is reminiscent of a Victorian-era style, and can be finished in metallic paints and patinas if you want to create your very own cool “steampunk” version of this!

Michael used the Vectric VCarve software to create this project. A few features used in this project included, curve fit vectors, the drawing and node editing tools, snapping features, fixed nudge, mirror copy, weld selected vectors and the interactive trim (scissors tool).

Download the free project files here: ... Depository
We hope you enjoy this project :D

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