How about a "Download all" Gadget feature?

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How about a "Download all" Gadget feature?

Post by GollyRojer »

I have just upgraded to Aspire v. 10, and as such am needing to install the gadgets for v. 10. The collection on the Vectric "Gadgets" section is extensive, and the only access to download appears to be one at a time. Hoo, boy. Could we please have a "Download all" link which provides all the gadgets for a version?

Please note that, before I asked, I looked the website over and searched in the forums. I didn't find anything indicating that such a thing already exists. If I missed it, please kindly point it out to me.

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Re: How about a "Download all" Gadget feature?

Post by sharkcutup »

Why "download all' cluttering your computer?

Gadgets are evolving with changes what you download today may be obsolete tomorrow! Besides are you going to install all of them knowing darn well that you may never use some of them Again thereby cluttering your program (VCarve, Aspire, etc....)whichever it is!
The Gadgets are available 24/7 on the Vectric website why clutter things!

Just my thoughts/opinions!

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Re: How about a "Download all" Gadget feature?

Post by scotttarnor »

Please do not do this, I do not want all gadgets.
Scott T

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Re: How about a "Download all" Gadget feature?

Post by Mark Jones »

I would also like to have a OPTION to download all the current gadgets for the specified version. Never know whats out there or what your missing unless you can find it. They are easy to delete.

Thanks for a good idea.

Mark Jones

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Re: How about a "Download all" Gadget feature?

Post by Adrian »

All the gadgets that an option like that would download are on the website and, IMO, it's simple enough for people to choose the ones they want from there.

3rd party gadgets are down to the individual developer. It would be a nightmare for Vectric to try and keep track of which ones are still supported and which ones aren't.

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