Developer: Create .vgadget Package File

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Developer: Create .vgadget Package File

Post by CNCDaveToo »

I can't find anything regarding the creation of a .vgadget packaging file. I suspect it is right in front of me in the docs, or on this forum somewhere, but I have been wholly unable to find it (Mr. Google and Ms. Search This Forum came up empty for me). Can someone please point me in the right direction?

After ass-u-me-ing it was just like an old Windows(tm) ".gadget" file, I tried the old trick of zipping the files (my gadget.lua and gadget.html files) and renaming it from .zip to .vgadget -- VCarve Pro liked it and tried to install it from the Gadgets menu, but it failed with "Failed to extract the archive" -- I'm guessing it's the missing "gadget.xml" file, but at this point I'm just poking around in the dark and don't know what fields VCarve Pro requires.

Thanks, Dave

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Re: Developer: Create .vgadget Package File

Post by Adrian »

It is just a zip file but the Windows inbuilt zip doesn't create reliable vgadget files. You need to use something like 7-zip instead.

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