Aspire / VCarve / Cut2D Version 8.5 Released

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Aspire / VCarve / Cut2D Version 8.5 Released

Post by BrianM »

We are pleased to announce that Version 8.5 of Aspire, VCarve (Pro & Desktop) and Cut2D (Pro & Desktop) is now available. This is the direct successor to V8, and includes enhancements in all key areas of the software, such as file-import, drawing and toolpath management. In addition to these improvements, both versions of VCarve along with Aspire have added a new machining function called the 'Moulding Toolpath' and Aspire also gains 'Create Texture Area' - a powerful new modeling function.

Version 8.5 is a FREE upgrade to all customers who already have a copy of version 8.0.

The new software installation is being distributed via your Vectric Customer Portal account which allows customers to access their software and clipart along with their licence codes at any time. It will be a completely new installation, not a patch. If an existing copy of the version 8 software is currently installed then your existing Tool Database, Postprocessors and Gadgets will be copied across to the new installation.

As well as this announcement, Vectric will be emailing all existing registered owners of the software with details of how to either download the free upgrade, or if you are running an older version, information on how to purchase it. If you do not own V8, the upgrade prices for the products can be found on this page -

If you are a V8 customer and have not received an email by the 24th June, 2016 please contact with your registration information so we can follow up.

You can read a description of all the enhancements along with video demonstrations and download the “What’s New” documentation from the following pages:

What’s new in Aspire V8.5: ... s-new.html

What’s new in VCarve V8.5: ... s-new.html

What’s new in Cut2D V8.5: ... s-new.html

Trial Version
You can also download and install a Trial version of the V8.5 software from the link below if you want to test out the changes before deciding whether to purchase or upgrade:

Thank you to everyone who has purchased V8 of our software and we hope you enjoy the new features in V8.5.

The Vectric Team

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Re: Aspire / VCarve / Cut2D Version 8.5 Released

Post by JamesB »

Further to Brian's message from the start of the month we have now released a patch for version 8.502 for all products (Cut2D Desktop, Cut2D Pro, VCarve Desktop, VCarve Pro and Aspire) - The patch will take the software to v8.505. If you have already downloaded and installed v8.502 for any of these products then please use the "Help" drop down menu within the program to access the "Check for Updates" option and work through the normal patch process. You can also access the patch from the updates page here:

If you are still using V8.024 and want to access version 8.5 then you will need to login to your Vectric Customer Portal account - to access the full 8.5 installation as per Brian's original post. This will now install 8.505.

Any problems or questions then please email