Importing V3M

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Importing V3M

Post by den73160 »

I have been using Vcarve since it was introduced and now have been trying to import the V3M files into the CRV files tat I have created. The Vcarve-Pro 3.102 version that I am using keeps of telling me that it cannot find the V3M file that I am trying to import. But then when I open machinist it opens the V3M file just fine. Has there been a patch to the Vcarve-Pro that I am not awear of or am I doing something stupid?

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Post by CRFultz »

make sure you run the toolpaths in machinist before you import into VCP.
Save the file with a different name ....I use the original name plus a fin on the end then close machinist.


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VCarve Pro only imports the calculated toolpaths from a V3M file and not the
actual 3D model. So as Chuck said, you first need to,

Open a V3M design in Vector Art 3D Machinist
Specify the required sizes for Length, Height and Thickness
Calculate roughing (if req'd) and finishing toolapths
Save the V3M file - ideally with a new name to prevent overwriting the original

The new V3M file can then be imported into VCPro.
The imported toolpaths can then be moved / positioned by
selecting the preview image in the 2D window and dragging
or aligning this as required. The associated toolpaths are
linked to this image and are moved to the same XY position.

I hope this makes sense and help,


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Post by den73160 »

I want to thank both of you for your fast replys. That is not the way that I thought it would work but then when I did it the way explained wor just fine.

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