Carved Cribbage Boards

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Carved Cribbage Boards

Post by NSchlee »

Here's 2 cribbage designs we carved, wood is birch with the carving stained for contrast. Dims. 8.25" X 11.5" x .75"

Moose Cribbage.jpg
Sea Otter Cribbage.jpg

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Post by JamesB »

Beautiful work and a cool application for the Animal models :) - Cheers, James

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Post by Phil »

Very cool.

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Post by Colin P F »

Very nice work Neal.


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Post by lpcsales »

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Post by RoutnAbout »

Looks great. I like the contrast. Great Job!
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Post by dasch »

Nice job!
I was just watching my wife and her friend playing cribbage the other day - on a VERY plain board - and thought improvements could be made. You've done it! I really like the contrasting woods and eliptical format.

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Cribbage for Guitar Players

Post by Rcnewcomb »

Since we are on a cribbage theme...

Cribbage for Guitar Players
Bolivian Rosewood with Maple and Ebony Inlays
Bolivian Rosewood with Maple and Ebony Inlays

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