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Making money

Post by Phil »

I'd like to start a discussion on using a CNC router as the basis for having a small business. I bought my machine last summer and with the intentions of having a small business when I retire. I'm not asking anyone to share your secrets that make you competitive. I'm sure others would like to see what's going on in this little niche.
I'd like to start with a few general questions, please add to the list as you see fit.
1. What have you done that has been successful?
2. What have you done that has not worked out very well?
3. What are some ideas that you would like to try?
4. Where have you found a good market; local stores, craft fairs, classified advertising?
So far I haven't tried to create a business, I'm still working full time. I'm using my time to become proficient with the software, the machine, materials and finishing techniques. This forum and the Shopbot forum have helped me tremendously.

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Post by Wemme »

This is a topic which i am interested into.
first up there has been talk similar to this re lithos ... g&start=15
And General how do i get more cnc work. ... =marketing

My cnc business is a second business for me and so runs on a apart time basis at the moment.

Word of mouth, referrals from other clients. Repeat customers.
But Best that has worked for me is get out there face to face with a samples box and talk to people.

I find my work is more starting to move towards component machining and sign writing.


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