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Vector Selection

Post by jamomer1 »

Your Training project for the "Open" sign. - I laid out a design with my own text inside an oval frame. I cant select vectors for the text by drawing a rectangle like you did. What am I doing wrong? :x

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Re: Vector Selection

Post by SteveNelson46 »

You probably just need to convert the text to vectors. Select the text and click on the "Convert To Vectors" icon on the drawing tab.

This really should not be in the Hardware forum. I'm not sure of the program you are using but maybe in the V-Carve or Aspire Section?

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Re: Vector Selection

Post by Rcnewcomb »

Be aware that dragging left-to-right behaves differently than dragging right-to-left.

When dragging left-to right only items that are fully within the rectangle will be selected.
When dragging right-to-left any vector inside or crossed by the rectangle will be selected.

Vectors on a Locked layer will NOT be selected.
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