NextWave's Chess pieces on a 4th axis rotary

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NextWave's Chess pieces on a 4th axis rotary

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Good morning all:

I have just acquired a 4th axis rotary for my CNC. I have made the NextWave Chess set via the two sided method and really enjoyed the project My thinking was to re-doing the set via the rotary as a way to learn Aspire & rotary.

Here is my problem and where I'm looking for help.

The chess pieces in the VCarve files are two sided (A top side and a bottom side). In order for me to re-create the files for a rotary, from what I can tell, I need to import a complete STL file. In other words the two sides are combined into one solid model.

I can't seem to find a way to export the two sides from the vcarve file into a complete one piece to import into a new rotary file.

Maybe I'm tacking the problem incorrectly. How would I go about cutting the chess set via a rotary rather than the two sided machining method?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Re: NextWave's Chess pieces on a 4th axis rotary

Post by adze_cnc »

You might try the MeshLab or some editing software instructions here: ... stl-files/

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Re: NextWave's Chess pieces on a 4th axis rotary

Post by scubanimal »

You could just use the rotary as an automatic flipper. Meaning run the toolpaths with the 4th axis set, then put in the command to rotate 190, then run the second set. You could then put all the toolpaths with the same bit in a single file, just manually insert that rotate command. Don't forget to return the rotation to 0 at the end of the second one. Heck, you might be to do offsets and do several pieces at the same time.
I know, its not what you were looking for initially. Just another way to use that fourth axis.

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