Feeds & Speeds for V-carving the tailstock

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Feeds & Speeds for V-carving the tailstock

Post by Rcnewcomb »

Clearly my feeds and speeds are not correct for V-carving the tailstock on my rotary.
I was in a hurry....

and I hadn't used the machine for a few weeks. I tried to do a quick project on a 12" 2x2. Sadly I failed to double-check the job settings even though they looked a bit out of proportion as I was racing through the design. I generated toolpaths for a 16" column rather than a 12" column. The machine faithfully made the cove at the headstock end and then moved to the far end and attempted to V-carve a cove into the tailstock. The tailstock is still usable, but the 120 degree V-bit-- not so much.
- Randall Newcomb
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Re: Feeds & Speeds for V-carving the tailstock

Post by mtylerfl »


Posts like this really do help remind me to be careful. The pics drive the point home! :shock:
Michael Tyler



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Re: Feeds & Speeds for V-carving the tailstock

Post by scottp55 »

Hope you remembered your "Duck and Cover" lessons Randall...OUCH!

I'd say feeds and speeds may have been in the ballpark(Parking Lot?), but your pass depth is WAY too aggressive for me :)

Reason I laugh, is because machine and control computer have been off due to lightning and muggy heat, SO been doing some playing design for a burl on this inside house tower.
Had camera problems, so was working from a LOUSY pic of burl I put in my App Data, AND was rushing....It looked OK.
So two mornings ago I was ACHING to CUT, I fired up machine...AND just for the heck of it made a perimeter cut file for Air Cutting to see how close to bark the dish actually came......
It STARTED an inch OFF the material!!!! :oops:

EXCELLENT point about hurrying, and then ASSUMING everything is good to go!!
Two Danger points...Right after you've done a few projects and think you know everything...and then when you've done it hundreds of times and stop double checking!!
GLAD you still have 10 fingers and all other body parts are undamaged!!
"Flatness is King!"
B. Watson


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