Welding to an inside curve

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Welding to an inside curve

Post by cusoak »

Attached I hope is a screen shot of a birthday gift. I was able to fit the top word to the curve then weld it .
The problem I am having is with the number. I want to put it on the inside bottom vector.
I have not been able to get it to fit to the curve on the inside bottom. Let alone get it welded to it.
The end result is that inside is all cut out around the 50. then the outside is cut around Finally and the outside oval.
I used the fit to curve but could not get it to work on the inside part of the curve What I did not see in the fit to curves is a place that showed a letters where I wanted to place them.
Is there something I missed.
Screenshot (10).png

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Re: Welding to an inside curve

Post by Adrian »

Could be lots of reasons but would really need to see the file. Most likely is that the curve you're trying to fit them too is too small for the numbers and you don't have the Scale Text to Fit Curve selected.

You can always manually place the numbers where you want them.

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Re: Welding to an inside curve

Post by mtylerfl »

Screenshots are nice...the actual file is always preferred
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Re: Welding to an inside curve

Post by ger21 »

I would just slide it down until it overlaps a little, and trim away.
My feeling is that it will look "funny" if the number follows the curve.

To get it to follow the curve, draw a separate arc that's close to your ellipse, and have it follow that.
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