Multiple Swept Profiles

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Multiple Swept Profiles

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HI All,

I am trying to output multiple Swept Profiles to one file however when the machine ends ones swept profile and moves to the starting point of the next, the cutter ramps up out of the material (modelling foam) instead of movin to a safe height in the Z axis. I must be missing something, but having gone through all the support materials I cannot find a solution.
You help would be much appreciated.


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Re: Multiple Swept Profiles

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If you could post your .CRV3D file that would help. If it is too large you can upload it to or and then post a shareable link to the file.
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Re: Multiple Swept Profiles

Post by AdamJ »


I believe that the Moulding Toolpath did once have an issue that meant that under certain circumstances no lift to safe z was added at the end of each rail. The fix for this issue was added in March of 2017. It might be worth checking if an update is available for your version of the software because that may fix it.

If updating doesn't solve the problem then please send us the file to support and we will investigate


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