tap files off

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tap files off

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Good evening I have a Shark HD CNC with bosch router and while trying to run the files for the Padlock plaque in the gallery the router doesn't line up to my Zero axis. I used the touch plate to specify the zero z axis, but when i run the project the router goes all the way to the X,Y axis limit to try to start cutting. Any ideas? I did recalculate the toolpaths.

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Re: tap files off

Post by martin54 »

Have you made sure you have the correct x,y zero set? Check the set up in the file if this is a downloaded project to ensure where your setting your x y zero is the same as in the file, also might be worth checking the starting position in the toolpath set up :lol: :lol:

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Re: tap files off

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Are you using the Pendant? If so use the down button to see your xyz start position for current project.

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