Removing the outer square of a photo, Leaving 3D image?

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Removing the outer square of a photo, Leaving 3D image?

Post by Evan@work »

I have important a 2D color photo into Aspire and then used the "Create a component from the select or bit map" to converted it into a 3D carving. The image was square, so I used the "trace bitmap" option to trace the drawing inside the picture. My question is, how do I remove the outer square box of the original photo and leave a 3D component of the picture on the inside that was traced? I just want the picture, and not the square box around it of the original photo to work with, in a 3D formate. My hope is then to take that inner traced 3D picture/component and place it in the bottom of a dish that I am carving using "create a shape from vector outline" option. Thanks in advance

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Re: Removing the outer square of a photo, Leaving 3D image?

Post by LittleGreyMan »

As the background of your image is white, you don't have to bother.

The only issue is that the image quality is low, so you have some "not so white" pixels in the surroundings of the picture.

You'll have to adjust light and contrast to get rid of that and get a better 3D conversions. You may also want to invert the picture. Working in greyscale rather than color helps appreciate the settings effects.

The new image editing features in V9 allow you to do that without an external image editor.

If you still have issues with that, let us know.
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Re: Removing the outer square of a photo, Leaving 3D image?

Post by Adrian »

If you want to create a 3D relief from a bitmap you shouldn't import it first via the Drawing tab. That option is meant for tracing and Aspire does some internal processing of the bitmap for those purposes.

That may lose detail if the aim is to make a relief model instead. Use the Create Component from Bitmap tool on the Model tab and load the bitmap directly from the open dialog that will appear if no bitmap is pre-selected.

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Re: Removing the outer square of a photo, Leaving 3D image?

Post by dealguy11 »

To specifically answer your question, since it does in fact import as a square component, here's how I'd do it.

1. Import the bitmap, then use "Create a component from selected or imported bitmap" to create your component
2. Turn off the bitmap layer. You don't need it any more.
3. In the 2d view, select the component you created.
4. In the Drawing tab, click on the Trace Bitmap tool.
5. I chose the settings as shown in the following screen:
6. Select the vector you just created, and also select the component. On the Modeling tab, click on the "Clear area of selected model outside selected vectors" tool

You should be left with just the shape you want.
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