Photocarve & Shark laser

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Photocarve & Shark laser

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I have a Shark HD3 with the laser attachment. I have done several things with Aspire 9 and the results were pretty nice. I also have Photocarve 1.102 and thought it would be cool to photocarve some pictures with the laser. So far, I can't find out how to select the shark laser like I do in Aspire 9. I can still select an engraving bit and select the spindle speed of 1000 ( Laser on) and the feed rate of 40. But it doesn't allow me to select the depth/pressure of .001 inches so I can preview the engraving nor select the post processor = CNCShark-laser (inch) (*.tap) Has anyone else been able to laser with Photocarve?

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Re: Photocarve & Shark laser

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Lasers don't really work with PhotoVCarve type images as the image is formed from varying widths and depths from what I've seen in previous posts on the subject.

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Re: Photocarve & Shark laser

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The Laser module from next wave has its own software for using the laser with lasering photographs. I've only tested it a couple times. Most of my lasering is done with Vcarve, but I do more graphics and not photos.


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