Cannot figure out how to Array Copy a 2 sided job

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Cannot figure out how to Array Copy a 2 sided job

Post by tmcrocker »

I've had occasion to need 6 identical parts.
I wanted to perform machining operations on both sides.
I started a "Double Sided" job, drew my Top and Bottom vectors and generated my tool paths. Looks good.
It came time to use "Array Copy" to repeat it 5 more times.
That is when I realized that I cannot seem to select the vectors on both sides to be included in the Array Copy.
This seems to be an area needing improvement in the new Double Sided capability of the program.

In the end, I had to delete all vectors from the bottom side, array copy the top side vectors, re-create all the bottom side vectors and then generate the tool paths for top and bottom.
Tom Crocker

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Re: Cannot figure out how to Array Copy a 2 sided job

Post by garylmast »

Once you array the vectors on the first side, select all of them, then right click and copy to other side. If your component on the other side is not aligned or where there are suppose to be, use the "center objects on last selected item" icon.


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Re: Cannot figure out how to Array Copy a 2 sided job

Post by Bill_L »


I do 4' x 8' sheets of polycarbonate with numerous arrayed parts. All of the geometry is created/arrayed on the front side. Then only the geometry that will require backside machining is copied to the backside and toolpathed there. I'm sure that you know the first step is to determine your method of indexing your material (vertical vs horizontal). Depending on the shapes of your geometry, when switching from side to side they won't necessarily look like they line up.

If I have only one particular part with many copies, I create the geometry one time, copy it to the backside then do an array copy toolpath front and back. It does the trick.


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