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I just recently purchased a 4x8 vacuum table router. So for I have been able to produce a few signs. See the Timbers sign, it was cut from 1.5" HDU with the green background recessed about .5" withall other being the 1.5" thickness of HDU.

What I would like to be able to learn how to do is like the Hunter Ridge signage. Notice the background, the rounded edges of duck and the cat tails.

I have a vector art image of a deer that I want to place where duck is located on the Hunter Ridge signage.


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Look into the 3d toolpaths.
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Which software do you have? You'll struggle to do that in Cut3D. If you've got Aspire or VCarve you would get more response by posting in the sections for those.

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Re: Newbie!

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The Hunters Ridge sign is made out of several components.

The Green background is a T1-11 exterior siding.

The frame is another component - not sure how it's made.

The duck is a separate component, as well as the grass, and the text.

The black textured background is yet another component.

The grass and the duck are available at VectorArt3D but are modified.

You cannot modify anything with Cut3D - but you can with Aspire.

With that said - so what?

You can use Cut3D and models from VectorArt 3D and make signs every bit as nice, as long as you add in a little perspiration and ingenuity and some sandpaper. May also need a band saw or jig saw, and possibly a table saw or circular saw. Some glue, epoxy, paint, screws and nails.
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