New V9 Video Tutorial Browser

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New V9 Video Tutorial Browser

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With the NEW release of V9 Aspire, VCarve & Cut2D, we have also made it much simpler and more intuitive to learn how to use the software, with our NEW tutorial browser.

To access the new tutorial browser simply click on the link below. To learn more about the new features and how to use them to your advantage stay tuned.


NEW Features Include:
  • A Tutorial Sorting Bar

This new method of sorting through tutorials allows you to easily choose the right tutorials for you, you can instantly switch between Software products

  • All Software - Shows videos relating to all software types
    VCarve Pro
    VCarve Desktop
    Cut2D Pro
    Cut2D Desktop
  • All Categories - Shows all videos from all categories
    Getting Started - Videos which we recommend all users should begin with.
    Vector Drawing - Videos that show how to use the Drawing Tools
    2D Toolpaths - Videos that show
    • Profile Toolpath
      Pocket Toolpath
      Drilling Toolpath
      Engraving Toolpath
      Auto Inlay Toolpath

    2.5D Toolpaths - Videos that show
    • VCarve Toolpath
      Fluting Toolpath
      Texturing Toolpath
      Prism Toolpath
      Moulding Toolpath
    3D Assembly - Videos that show how to create a 3D assembly by combining multiple 3D components together
    3D Modeling - Videos that show you the concepts behind creating your own 3D Models using the different modeling tools
    3D Toolpaths - Videos that show how to utilise the
    • 3D Roughing Toolpath
      3D Finishing Toolpath
    General Topics - Guides that concentrate on specific areas of the software
  • Recommended - This is the order in which we recommend the videos are watched as they start from most simple within and category, to most advanced.
    A-Z - Lists videos in Alphabetical Order
    Z-A - Lists Videos in Reverse Alphabetically
  • This is a Keyword search where you can look for particular things you would like to learn about the software, eg: if you want to learn about the trace bitmap tool, you would simply type in "trace bitmap".
    This would then bring up any videos that have been tagged as containing the trace bitmap tool as per the image below
You will also notice that if the text you typed in as a keyword appears within the short summary of the tutorial, then this will be highlighted.

Next you would choose the tutorial most applicable to you by reading the brief summary, in this instance we might choose the "Image to Vector Logo" tutorial, so we would click on the "View Tutorial" button.
This will then bring us onto the tutorials page which will look like the above image.
It contains:
  • A more detailed description of the video,
    An option to download the Video & Files for offline viewing,
    Which software this tutorial is compatible with,
    The Tutorial Video,
    Video Bookmarks
    Related Videos.
If the Tutorial Browser detects you have searched for something that matches all or part of a Video Bookmark then you will receive an alert on the right hand side of the screen like the image above.
You will also see that the section/s within the video bookmarks will also be highlighted for your attention.

If you click on the link in the alert or within the video bookmarks, this will take you straight into the video, to the specific moment where the presenter starts to discuss that particular feature in the software.

Related Videos are tutorials which the presenter has suggested the user might be interested in learning more about a specific feature in the software, or videos which the presenter feels leads nicely on from this particular tutorial.

Once you have finished watching a particular video and you wish to go back to the Tutorial Home Page simply click "Go Back" on the tutorial options

Vectric is dedicated to helping users get the most out of their learning through these Tutorial Videos, so this system has been created so that it is constantly learning what users are searching for to learn and this will help us create new content in the future.

The Vectric Team