How to engrave lowered portion of Sign...

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How to engrave lowered portion of Sign...

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I have text in a box that I am using a Pocket Toolpath to create lettering that is higher than around it. I then want to engrave a map onto the lowered surface. Portions of the map are in the vicinity of the letters. The preview shows that the engraving tool will cut through the raised letters as it move from a part of the map on one side of the letter to the other. Is there a way to avoid this?
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Re: How to engrave lowered portion of Sign...

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Try fiddling with component properties, specifically "combine mode"

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Re: How to engrave lowered portion of Sign...

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The tapered side of the V bit is cutting into the letters. You have to stop cutting the map lines far away enough that that doesn't happen. Here's a possible solution:

Convert the text to curves.
Offset the text outwards by D x tan (a/2) to another layer, where D is the depth of the letters plus the depth of the map profile toolpath and a is the V bit included angle. Add .002" just to be sure.
Make the map layer active.
Trim away any of the map lines that fall inside the offset lines. (Use the "Trim selected objects to a boundary" tool and the trim scissors.).
This is to keep the sides of the bit from hitting the letters.

Now you can VCarve the letters in a pocket and then profile on the map vectors.
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