Puppy Kissing Booth

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Puppy Kissing Booth

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Using VCarve Pro 8.5 with a Next Wave Automation Piranha, I decorated a Puppy Kissing Booth that I made with signage and a donation box. The signage was all 1/2" MDF with two tone paint finish. Yes, MDF is terrible to use but it is easier if you sand the faces and put one coat of primer on it before carving so you have less fuzz around the edges of the machined areas.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind supplied their logo in a vector EPS file so I removed their text, keeping just the graphic, and added the "Puppy Kisses" and also downloaded the dog paw from a free artwork website. For the text I created the pocket by offsetting inwards while for the paw print I offset outwards. When gluing everything to the background I used a paper template made from the original design file. I made extensive use of layers to help create and lay out various features and test different design ideas with A/B renders.

The website sign I created from scratch and had to cut in four tiles which was a little bit of a hassle in that everything was laid out so it was readable, that is horizontal, but the Piranha has a Y feed through direction so I had to rotate it before generating the tiles. I did find that how I rotated the design mattered because one way had the overlapping joint sections within more characters while the other had it mostly in the gaps between letters.

The donation box was made from recycled prefinished maple flooring with the factory finish on the outside for durability. The text V-carving was then painted and water based polyurethane was put over the paint as well as the remainder of unfinished surfaces. The windows are 1/4" acrylic and I'm still deciding how or if I want to decorate them.

I used TT Segoe Print font for the "Puppy Kisses" and donation box while TT Arial was used for the website sign. End, ball and tapered ball mills are from Amana and L3inc. For the tiling and two sided work I used 1/8" dowel pins for alignment. The holes were cut using an 0.0938" single flute end mill with a 2D Profile Toolpath on a 0.124" vector so the holes were a tight fit instead of a 1/8" drill or end mill which will make over sized holes or the Pocket Toolpath which was much slower.
Kissing Booth Signs
Kissing Booth Signs
Donation Box
Donation Box

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Re: Puppy Kissing Booth

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Excellent idea, execution, and write-up.
- Randall Newcomb
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