Post Processor for a CR Onsrud M97 CNC Router

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Post Processor for a CR Onsrud M97 CNC Router

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We just purchased a new router from CR Onsrud. All of the new M series routers have the Fanuc oi-model F controllers. This is great but, nobody seems to have a post for our machine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Note for Tool Change Code:
• Tool changes must be output as M6T(tnumber). If you use a T(tnumber)M6 it will fail
• Origins are limited to G55-G59. G54 is not available
• If the machine only has one tool tray, and no drill block. Calling tool 33 will produce an error
• There needs to be a G5.1Q1 in the header, before the tool change (This turns on AICC mode)
• There needs to be a G5.1Q0 at the end, before the M30 to cancel AICC mode
• There should be a G90 after any G91G28Z0.
Reference G02 G03.PDF for Circular Interpolation programming.


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