Totally Lost

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Totally Lost

Post by pjblues »

I downloaded three files STL from Vector Art 3D. I went to the Modeling tab after setting up the job dimensions. I did the import funciton and the file was imported. However, for some reason I cannot figure out how to setup a 3D toolpath. When I setup the toolpath it cuts the material flat with no image. I tried repeatidly watching the 3D tutorials and even set the image height to .5" in .750 material which I take means the image will be cut into the .75" material to a depth of .5" deep.

I am totally lost. I am hoping someone can help me out with what I am doing wrong. I have already cut a 3D project that I imported from the V Carve Clipart files but cannot figure this one out.


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Re: Totally Lost

Post by bbakerman2005 »

check your model depth go to modeling and double click on the section then it will tell you how thick it is , if you add it to another model you will have to do the math since it adds the model on top of the other, you can also go into the section were it shows the model as a display , they have a great tutorial on how to do this on video watch it and they will explain

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Re: Totally Lost

Post by rsetina »

I'm not sure what files you downloaded but in order to cut a 3D image you'll nee to draw, one way or another, a vector around your image. It can be an oval or a square. Ir even better a vector just on the outside of you image. Once that's done, you go to the 3D finish toolpath icon and click on the 3D finish toolpath. Click on the vector that encompasses your image, set up the tool you want to use. For example a .25 ball nose, and click calculate. You should get a toolpath when it's done. Run your toolpath and you should get a 3D image. Hope this helps.

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Re: Totally Lost

Post by joeporter »

Why did you use STL files? V3M files are for use with Vectric products....joe

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