Mallard Duck Coat Rack

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Mallard Duck Coat Rack

Post by W3LMR »

I thought this year for Christmas my youngest son would appreciate an authentic house welcoming present. He is an avid wild life enthusiast; therefore I thought I would make him something he would surely treasure for a lifetime. The plaque is 3/4'' Red Oak, the Mallard Ducks are carved from a unique wood grain from maple (3D Carved) lumber Two vintage hooks were mounted. The main engraved tool path was achieved by my middle son using a time consuming method known as wood burning. This gave the entire project a rustic appearance. There were two different types of stain used that were hand rubbed followed by a thin layer of tong oil finish. The Mallard Ducks have Danish Oil applied to them, by using a Q Tip to reach the detailed areas.

We Hope you enjoyed the images of the coat rack as much as my son enjoys his gift.

Happy Holidays!

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Re: Mallard Duck Coat Rack

Post by highpockets »

Very nice work!
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Re: Mallard Duck Coat Rack

Post by SunBum »

Exemplary craftsmanship! Your project looks like something I would see at Cabelas. Very well done. I'm impressed.

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Re: Mallard Duck Coat Rack

Post by Creation in Wood »

Very nice work :lol:
Thank You

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Re: Mallard Duck Coat Rack

Post by Tundraman »

This is great job. I'm sure this is a treasured gift!
I agree with SunBum, definitely can see that on the wall in Cabelas.
Thanks for posting,

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