Keeping your CNC quiet and dust free

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Keeping your CNC quiet and dust free

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I would like to post my setup for my CNC shark I made a couple of years ago. It's quite, I have a dust collection setup, so hardly any dust. Movable. I used plexi glass, had to make a frame for it, yes its a little crude, but it works. The vac hose is flex able and linked to the outside. The Plexi can come off as a frame. Give yourself some clearance on the sides for movement. Cuts the decibels about in half.

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Re: Keeping your CNC quiet and dust free

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I made a similar enclosure for my shark. The vacuum port is a slot in the back that's level with the top of the table and I added holes on the front Plexiglas in the same location to create air flow across the table and avoid complete vacuum. I forgot how many holes I added but they equal the area of the 4" suction hose.

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