Hot to, CNC miter

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Hot to, CNC miter

Post by robert_woodguy »

Hi guys,
Since a photo's worth many words, from this :
CNC miter-Woodworking-2.jpg
Anyone has an idea what is the toolpath strategy, and how can it be done, what "special" tooling is needed to get such "crisp" miter lookalike corners ?
I'm.....lost :?
Thanks, Robert.

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Re: Hot to, CNC miter

Post by zeeway »

A vee tool can do sharp internal miter corners such as in your example. The rosette design may have been done by a small diameter ball nose tool...perhaps a 1/8 tapered ball nose cutter. You can also use a sharp vee bit with a tiny nose radius to cut such designs, but it would take a very long time.


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Re: Hot to, CNC miter

Post by Leo »

I have not yet explored this - but - I think the "rest" machining strategy would be a good fit to do a project like this. This is where you would use all the normal tooling, like a 1/4 ball nose to rough 3D, and a 1/4 flat end mill to do some pocketing, then a 1/8 taper ball nose for the rosette and possible the frame profile. The rest machining would get into the corners and tiny details with a v-bit - maybe 60 degree.

It's a nicely challenging project.
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Re: Hot to, CNC miter

Post by Mike-S »

This is a quick try with a 1/16hth BN.

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Re: Hot to, CNC miter

Post by IloveVectric »

I used one of those ball nose cutters that tapers down to 1/32 at the tip.
Run a roughing tool path, then a finishing with the 1/32 tapered ball nose and a normal person will never guess it was made on cnc.

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