change size of circles

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change size of circles

Post by bgwconstruction »

Is there a way to select more than one "circle" and change the size of each without moving them? See Attachment: I would like to reduce the size of all of the circles, but keep them spaced as they are currently. Thanks for your help...

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Re: change size of circles

Post by Alan Male »

I think there's a Gadget for that...
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Re: change size of circles

Post by knowlzy0791 »

Can also use the vector selection tool, then use the offset selected vectors option (bottom left under "offset, array, and nest")

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Re: change size of circles

Post by FixitMike »

You can also resize each circle individually with the Set Selected Object Size tool. Be sure the Link XY box is checked, or you will end up with ellipses.
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Re: change size of circles

Post by DDWALKER »

Another Quick way is to select the circles you want to resize and then use the offset tool to change their size larger or smaller by the given amount.

Sorry, I see Knowlzy0791 Already said this.

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Re: change size of circles

Post by scottp55 »

Circle resize gadget can't be beat, from cribbage boards to adjusting threaded insert(300+) holes. Especially helpful for files with multiple diameter holes in the design as you can choose all holes of a specific diameter at once, and not worry about missing one.
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Re: change size of circles

Post by Janus »

I think this is a standard functionality of every Cad/Cam tool in the world.

So Vectric made good enhancements the last years. But I think it is time to do a little more work on the basics.

In any software in the world, if i selct objects then the functionality is as follow:

If all selected objects have for example the same diameter, this diameter is shown and can be changed.
If the objects have different diameters the value is not shown, but I can put in a new value.
If not all objcts have a diameter property then this field is disabled.

All this is true for Layers, Colors, Linewith, and so on. In any graphic software in the world. Even Word, Excel and so on.

I know VCarve is not a CAD software but this is basic functionality


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Re: change size of circles

Post by rlwagner »

One more user agreeing that this is a basic functionality that's missing. It's time to add it.

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Re: change size of circles

Post by Adrian »

It's not how the software works though and I certainly wouldn't want to lose the way it works now. As Vectric have said many time it's not CAD software.

If multiple items are selected then the resize works on the whole selection. A feature I use all the time and the way other software such as Sketchup and many others I use works.

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Re: change size of circles

Post by DHDeirick »

Thanks for all the great suggestions. Haven’t had a chance to follow up on them yet, but have lots of things to try and to learn.

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