Wall Art Wildlife Scene

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Wall Art Wildlife Scene

Post by woodcrafter »

I made this wildlife scene for a recent customer. They wanted to cover up a bead above the bay window and add some life and color to the room. It is carved from a beetle killed Ponderosa Pine That I cut from the forest around our home. I started the carving with a 4" thick x30"x14' slab.

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Re: Wall Art Wildlife Scene

Post by Bob Reda »

That is frigging beautiful!!!


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Re: Wall Art Wildlife Scene

Post by ChrisInEstes »

Nice work. I like the beetle kill wood, and that is a particularly nice one.

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Re: Wall Art Wildlife Scene

Post by ssflyer »

That turn out beautifully, Mike!

I love the beetle kill pine, too. I've done a number of large carving on similarly sized redwood slabs. The carve very well. I sill have a few left, but am still playing with designs to match the grain patterns! Kind of like looking up at the clouds and imagining what the shapes look like! :D

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Re: Wall Art Wildlife Scene

Post by ohiococonut »

Beautiful! I love the wildlife scenes.

I have a large slab that came out of an old barn that measures 7"x25"x7' I'm assuming is oak. I'd really like to carve a wildlife scene into it, the problem is I can barely lift it. If I don't hack it up it will most likely end up a bench :(

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