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Models in levels

Post by Aussie »

When you purchase a hack or project you receive all the individual models and an assembly, can I ask why the assembly is baked ? it would be nice to be able to say remove 1 model from the assembly or add something else in without making the project from scratch.

Just a thought... would make my life easier.
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Re: Models in levels

Post by adze_cnc »

Now you can purchase this layout as a single model and we have included all of the single models used to create it! You can now purchase and customize our layout or even better, you can recreate your version of the layout and if you want, swap out models with those in your library! Now that's a Design and Make Hack!
From this it seems like you can have your Hack and eat it too.

(I resisted the temptation to remove the 2 spaces after the periods. Guys, we’re not using typewriters anymore.)

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