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Carving Detail

Post by JMOlshefski »

I use V-carve along with 3D Design & Make files to do carvings on sides of wooden banks that I make.
The actual carving is roughly 5 inches by 5 inches.
I currently use “Tapererd Ball Nose End Mill ¼” Shank with 1.5MM Ball Radio 4.82 degree" for the final carving.
If I use a smaller ball tip will the design increased in detail if so any recommendations for the best size for final pass

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Re: Carving Detail

Post by Rcnewcomb »

any recommendations for the best size for final pass
There is a tradeoff between detail and machine time. The nice thing about the Vectric preview is that you can experiment with different bits and compare the previews and estimated machine times.

I'd recommend an 8% stepover. Since the load on the bit is very light you may be able to increase your feed rate significantly. You can also try setting the plunge and feedrate to the same IPM.

In addition to the bit you have been using, try the previews with the following:
1 mm radius tapered ballnose
0.75 mm radius tapered ballnose
0.5 mm radius tapered ballnose
0.25 mm radius tapered ballnose

The above bits are available on eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, etc.
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Re: Carving Detail

Post by TReischl »

It pays to keep an eye on using percentages when dealing with small cutters and large cutters.

An 8% stepover on a 1.5mm dia ball nose yields a cusp height between passes of .0024mm, roughly speaking that is .0001 inches. A total waste of time.

An 8% stepover on a 16mm dia ball nose yields a cusp height of .0256mm, or .001 inches. IMHO that is too rough.

The 8% thing works well with ball nose mills in the 3 - 10mm range.

I do some stuff with .5mm dia ball noses. If I used that 8% rule I would wind up stepping over by .00003 inches. (.0008mm)
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