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Scale a model

Post by Aussie »

Can you please advise the correct procedure to scale a model.

Importing the model gives me a x 146mm y 112 z 6mm
If I use Set Selected Size and unlock Link XY and check Auto Scale z, enter x419mm y 320mm z is 17mm
If I uncheck Auto Scale z the z remains a 6mm

The resolution is set to High.
What impact does changing the model height have on the quality (detail) of the final carve.... if any.
Is there a recommended minimum model height to use?

Crafers Crafts

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Re: Scale a model

Post by Todd Bailey »

Hello Ron...

Thanks for the question.

There is no minimum model shape height or universal correct one it all comes down to your personnel taste and your process.

As a rule of thumb, more shape height may give you more detail because the smaller details will be exaggerated. So if you are using a big tool then you might see details where lower details may not show up as clear.

Testing your tooling in the 3D preview is always the best. If you are not getting/seeing the details you want then mess around with the shape height or the size of the finishing tool and see if that helps.

Another trade off is time... some may argue that thicker shape height will yield longer cutting times. Longer "Z" movements add time so you may see an impact there.

Of course, the detail you get in your finished part/project highly depends on your CNC, the quality of cutting tools, the material you are using, and the finishing process (amount of sanding you plan to do). Also, some folks choose to add in the extra detail by hand or even paint them on.

Hope that helps...
Todd Bailey | Design and Make

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