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Clipart library

Post by Retired 1st Sgt »

I recently had a major computer malfunction and lost most of my Design & Make clipart. I logged back on my account to re-download everything but it won't allow me. I emailed Vectric a week ago but still haven't heard back from them. I'm on a deadling to finish some graduation plauques. Anyone have a suggestion?

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Re: Clipart library

Post by Adrian »

When you say it won't allow you are you getting any messages etc?

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Re: Clipart library

Post by CharlieP »

Hello Retired 1st Sgt,

I have checked my records but I am afraid that we do not appear to have received any emails from you to in some time now.

Can I please ask you to try resending it for me to the above address and confirm the ticket reference number in a PM to me so I can look into this for you.

Many thanks

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