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Re: Designandmake DIY craft CNC

Post by TSM2018 »

There are 2 stl files in this project that are a filament mess.

The Gear Housing STL ... ousing.stl

The Dremel Top Holder ... juster.stl

It seems that it would be easier to mill the Gear Housing STL from aluminum

My simple view of a 3D printer where filament is extruded from a 0.4mm brass nozzle is that it needs a flat surface to build upon.
Neither of these items have flat surfaces.

I'm down to my last 3 parts and I don't know if I want to machine the dxf files as I cannot assemble without these three parts. I looked for a 3D printing forum and have not been successful in and have a weird technical experience that the mfg's forum doesn't see my requests to join the forum.

Does anyone with a 3d printer have suggestions to print this file, or where I can send it to get printed?

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Re: Designandmake DIY craft CNC

Post by RickW3DS »

I loaded the gear housing stl into Ultimaker Cura and it looks like it will print just fine with supports. If the dimensions of 70.3mmx42.0mmx26.8mm are correct, the software prediction is 33g of PLA+ filament. This includes the required supports for the surfaces that are not flat on the bed of the printer. Odd shapes require support and support uses more filament. PETG us usually more stringy than PLA+ and is also more flexible and is also a real pain to get rid of the strings after printing. Scrape and torch...

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