Deer Mantel - Assembly # 2 Problem

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Deer Mantel - Assembly # 2 Problem

Post by jgavin65 »

OK, upfront, this is my first attempt at doing a D&M carve. Even though I've done many signs, this is a different animal.

I bought the Wildlife Scenes - Deer Mantel yesterday and am trying to carve Assembly no. 2 onto 3/4 MDF test material.
I used a 1/4" ball nose roughing and a 1/8" ball nose finishing pass.

I have two areas that did not clear that should have been, and I haven't figured out the magic juju to fix it.

Adkins Deer Camp v3 oblique.jpg
Material setup.jpg

Problem areas:
1) The Deer chest area has a mound and a thin vertical strip that didn't clear
2) The space above the Deer back didn't clear
3) The space below the Deer chin didn't clear

I have tried adding a 1/16" endmill into the mix to clear 1) & 3), but it didn't fix it.

I would appreciate some help!



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Re: Deer Mantel - Assembly # 2 Problem

Post by mtylerfl »

Hi Joe,

Try adding a Zero Plane, then recalculate your Toolpaths to include that along with your model scene.
Michael Tyler

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Re: Deer Mantel - Assembly # 2 Problem

Post by Rcnewcomb »

Also, check your boundary vectors.
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Re: Deer Mantel - Assembly # 2 Problem

Post by Todd Bailey »

Hello Joe...

Ahhh... yes. It looks to me like the vector you have chosen includes some areas inside the layout.

I suspect you are trying to create a toolpath using a vector as the bounds of the toolpath. If you look at your vector you are selecting I'm thinking it is a group of vectors that include some of the internal areas that do not have any pixels (so there is negative space that you can see through). Mike is right... adding in a zero plane will help when visualing your layout and is a great safeguard for when you actually create the toolpath and Randy is right... cheeck that vector. Be sure you only have the profile vector selected (so ungroup the vectors and select just the profile vector) this will insure your toolpathe is developed for the whole model.

Have a look at the attached image... it should help.

Let us know how it goes.
Deer Scene.jpg
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