Missing the display image of the photo loaded.

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Missing the display image of the photo loaded.

Post by Chuck26287 »

Did a quick search but don't get anything on this with my keywords. I am loading my image at step 1 in PVC, and it opens it and displays the correct image lines and pixels, but it just displays a white image. I can set it up and calculate, save and cut the toolpaths, but for some reason, I now do not see my actual image when loaded. I used to, but this is the first time I've used PVC since loading it onto a new computer build. I 've run VCarve Pro 8.5, and now Aspire 9.0 on this computer build with no problems, so I don't think it's HW related. I even uninstalled and reinstalled PVC. No joy. However, I know at one point it was there one time on this PC. Is there a setting for the image display I have hosed up? Something is weird, and I don't know what I've done. This is usually a software ignorant operator error. Any advice/help is appreciated.

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Re: Missing the display image of the photo loaded.

Post by ggbusmgr »

I am experiencing the same problem. PhotoVcarve was loading a jpeg image correctly but now for some reason, when trying to load the same image and other images, it only shows white in the image block. If I click to remove a color and choose white, It shows the image in a color with the background transparent. Anyone have an idea on what I may have changed in the program?

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Re: Missing the display image of the photo loaded.

Post by Adrian »

Sounds like it's an issue with Windows itself. PhotoVCarve hasn't changed for ages.

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