Depth of cut and Spacing

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Depth of cut and Spacing

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Hello Everybody,
I recently purchased the Photo VCarve software, but have not been successful with it. Can every please share some tips and tricks so I can figure out what I did wrong! I have watched a bunch of videos, but still unsure what I need to change. My issue is how to know what depth to carve and the line spacing

I have attached a few phots. I attached a photo of the preview, how the project actually came out, my tool settings, and the cut settings.

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Re: Depth of cut and Spacing

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Quick question for you regarding your v-bit setting...

Are you using an actual 45-degree bit?...or are you using a 90-degree bit?

Your bit setting shows you are using a 45-degree included angle (aka, total angle) bit.
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Re: Depth of cut and Spacing

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It appears to me that you are using a narrower angle, perhaps 30°, V-bit. The darkest areas of the carve should have the grooves almost touching or even overlapping a little bit. If a 45° bit cuts to a depth of 0.05 in. then the width of the groove would be 0.0414 and the line spacing is 0.041.

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Re: Depth of cut and Spacing

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Nimm einen 1mm Rundfräser,Linienabstand 0,15mm
Tiefe zwischen 2-max 3,5mm
dauert etwas länger aber wird super
LG Werner

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