Selexx Post Processor

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Benton Contruction
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Selexx Post Processor

Post by Benton Contruction »

Can anyone help with this post processor? I drop it in Photo Carve post file and I get this error code. ( attached)

Omnitech PP does not show up in file.
error code PP.png

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Re: Selexx Post Processor

Post by gregk »

It looks like the post-processor that you've tried has support for arcs and is intended for more recent products like Cut2d/VCarve/Aspire. Photo V-Carve is an older product and it predates the support for arc moves.
If you have a Omnitech PP without arc support, you can try that one. Alternatively all the sections and variables related to arc moves have to be removed from the PP before Photo V-Carve will be able to use it.

I hope that this makes sense,
Greg K

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Re: Selexx Post Processor

Post by monlover »

what type of selexx you have,
i hve 4X8 pal with 8 tool and drill block
if it is the same i can sent you my pp

OR change tool name, make it simple with no much of numbers or symbols.

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