7.5 Watt GRBL Laser Issue

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7.5 Watt GRBL Laser Issue

Post by RayzorByte »

I have a 7.5 watt blue diode laser on my CNC
It works great with other laser software.

I just got the Laser Module for the Vcarve Pro
and using a jtech GRBL Post prosessor
It works fine and does what it suppose to do but theres no engraving on the wood
The laser is on and bright but nothing, it does all the actions it suppose to do but no luck
I have been using UGS for the gcode
What am I missing
Thanks in advance.

If anyone has the tool setup and GRBL PP for the Laser around the 7.5 watts , would love to see it.

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Re: 7.5 Watt GRBL Laser Issue

Post by Tex_Lawrence »

Your best bet is to get with Jay at J-Tech and let him help troubleshoot that with you.
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