Individual DXF Batch processor.

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Individual DXF Batch processor.

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I need to process every day a lot of dxf files using Aspire and I want to make the things simpler by creating a Gadget that it is able to automate all the tasks that I need.

I want to create something similar with the bellow screenshot. I used as inspiration other already existing gadgets, who are closer to what I want to do but not useful for my purposes.
Individual DXF bach processor.jpg
The biggest problem that I see for now it is the fact that I don't know how to create LUA code to calculate the intersection corner of the geometry that it is located on the "CONTOUR" layer from all my dxf files, and set that corner as XY start origin.

Any help is welcome because I don't have any knowledge about LUA, right now I'm learning Python, so hopefully one day I will know by myself programming. Until then, please help.

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