Present wrapping paper sizer

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Present wrapping paper sizer

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Hi Guys,

Its close to Christmas, and I am wrapping presents. The problem is that I am not all that good at it sizing the paper size to fit around the box nicely. It requires a lot of trimming as I stick the sides down. Guess we all are doing a bit of present wrapping at the moment

Then the idea hit me.... How about a gadget where you feed the box dimensions and the width of the paper in, and Shazam! the gadget produces a laser cut pattern output. OK, if you have a small CNC machine, or not a laser head attached, this gadget is not going be for you.

So, you lay the paper down on the CNC bed, the laser does a light burn to mark out the outline area where the box needs to be placed, and maybe folding lines, then it cut the outline of the correctly sized wrapping paper. The rest is up to you to tape it all up.

As a bonus I guess there are fancy wrapping patterns that can be cut out with folding lines lightly burned on the inside of the paper.



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Re: Present wrapping paper sizer

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Until such a gadget gets written. "How to Properly Measure Paper for Wrapping" ... -wrapping/

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