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Re: EasyStairMaker

Post by jimandi5000 »

conifer wrote:Hey,

Thanks as always for posting this. I don't know where you get the time, as I barely have time to check this forum every few weeks! The only reason I'm here now is my CNCs power supply died and I'm waiting for the new one.

Anyway, I tried this gadget on Vcarve 10. Maybe I'm not configuring things correctly but I'm not getting the results I would expect. I used all of the default values and chose the 3 different options on "Select Step Configuration". It seems that the stringer is a set angle and doesn't adjust pitch when you choose a less than ideal step configuration. Also, I get a dogbone on my nosings.

I attached a .jpg image showing what I get with the 3 options.

Hi Conifer,

I have been rewriting the Stair gadget in the Gadget Boot Camp video series. Look at this version and let me know if it works as you need it to.
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Re: EasyStairMaker

Post by Kevin Holden »

This looks like what I am after but I cannot open it. what am I doing wrong?



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Re: EasyStairMaker

Post by adze_cnc »

Because the forum software doesn't allow attachments with ".vgadget" extension the file is uploaded as "EasyStairMaker.zip". Rename this to "EasyStairMaker.vgadget" after downloading and before installing. Do not extract the ZIP file if you want the Vectric software to automatically install the gadget.

To install the gadget into Aspire/VCarve Pro choose on of the following methods:
  • with Aspire/VCarve closed you can "double-click" on the .vgadget file in Windows Explorer to automatically load Aspire/VCarve and install the gadget.
  • if you already have Aspire/VCarve open you can install the gadget by using the menu option: Gadgets > Install New Gadget...
If you use the latter option you will need to restart Aspire/VCarve to see the new gadget on the Gadget menu.

The above applies to all gadgets downloaded on this forum (the name before .zIp) will be different of course.

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