Epoxy Volume Calculator

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Re: Epoxy Volume Calculator

Post by Adrian »

tgunr wrote:
Sun Oct 22, 2023 2:38 pm
Would be nice to have only one version to download. Or put the most recent one at the top.
That's not possible with the way the forum works. You only have a few minutes to edit a post and after that it's locked. For gadget threads where the gadget is attached rather than linked to on another site you need to start at the end of the thread and go backwards to get the latest version,

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Re: Epoxy Volume Calculator

Post by fig.11 »

Each time I try to use this gadget, I get this error:

Warning: Error while calling handler in the script
Error:Script: ... 11.5\Epoxy_Volume_Calculator\Epoxy_Volume_Calculator.lua
Line: 61
(global CalculateLayerSize)
... 11.5\Epoxy_Volume_Calculator\Epoxy_Volume_Calculator.lua:61: attempt to index local 'contour' (a nil value)

When I click the button to create the epoxy pour worksheet, it does the same thing. I've tried installing a previous version and it works fine. That is to say, that I don't "uninstall" the previous version simply because I don't know how. I guess I overwrite (?) the previous version. When I revert back to the latest version, the error appears again. How can I fix this so that I can use this gadget?

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Re: Epoxy Volume Calculator

Post by adze_cnc »

Do you have sample file that fails that you could post here?

There is a post from back in March above that has the same error. The difference between the v1.1 that was said to work and this one is that this one has logic to check for and exclude islands within larger shapes.

I also notice that the last post the author made on this board was in February 2022.

There is a way to force the code to ignore the error and continue if you are confident in your ability to edit and save a text file. The results of the gadget's run if this change is made should be considered possibly inaccurate.

The file is "Epoxy_Volume_Calculator.lua" and the line to change is number 13:

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require "strict"
to be changed to:

Code: Select all

-- require "strict"

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