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Post by Warren »

The last two weeks of September I'm going on vacation and I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'm sure I'll get the shakes from computer/internet/vectric forum withdrawal.
Hi Jay,

I have just had the experience of how you are going to feel at the end of September.

Got back this morning after driving back from the South of France, dropped the Wife and Kids off at home and came straight into work.
Two weeks is way too long to miss out on all that has been going on. Just spent the last three hours trying to catch up with all the latest posts.

Over the past ten years or so my Wife has insisted that we leave the UK when we go on holiday, so I am unable to pop back into work for a couple of days or so.

I find the best way to alleviate the 'Shakes' is to drink plenty of the 'Vino Rouge'.


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Post by dighsx »

That's funny you say that, we always go to Germany in the fall. And one of the main reasons is so we are very disconnected from home. My wife’s job is pretty stressful and other then our fall trip she's on call 24X7X365. So getting the hell out of the country is the way to go for us.

My phone can check my email and go to some websites. But I'm thinking about taking some wireless handheld or computer setup to get my fix. I'll need to setup some timer on it so I don't spend the day on it. Although even being as addicted as I am, if you put a computer and a beer in front of me I'll reach for the beer first. That's why Germanys a good choice for us. (or me at least!)

And glad to have you back online Warren, I was wonder where you had gotten off to.
Take it easy.
Jay (

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