Crokinole Board

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Crokinole Board

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My daughter asked me to make her a Crokinole board. I started with some 1.125" thick planks that were 10-12" wide. Cut them into 32" lengths and then ripped them into narrower widths so I could joint and plane them. Once everything was cleaned up I glued them all together to make a 32" x 32" piece that ended up being 15/16" thick. I couldn't use hold down clamps because the piece filled my table. I ended up clamping bump stops to my table at all four corners. Since the piece was so heavy I wasn't worried about it lifting up. Then I machined the entire game board from that large solid piece of maple. The scoring rings are black epoxy inlay and the posts around the inner circle are 1/4" polycarbonate rods. I finished the board with lacquer before machining the holes for the dowel pins.

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Re: Crokinole Board

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Nice!!!! One of these has been on my bucket list to make for years!!! Remember playing this in Canada and it was a great time!!!

Looks really nice and has inspired me to start thinking about it again!!!

Thanks for sharing!
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