Jack-O-Lantern season

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Jack-O-Lantern season

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'Tis the season, and I'm getting all these Jack o lantern feeds on you tube. I think they're terrible, so I figured I would do it right :D Of course, having a CNC really helps. I "teach" the CNC at our local makerspace so I set up the file for that purpose. We use Vectric's VCarve Pro - Makerspace edition. (Thank you Vectric!)
I used 1/4" MDF 12"x24". For the sides I used a 90deg Vbit to create miters then I can just glue and fold the miters together -- no need for nails or clamps as I tape the folds closed with masking tape. I'll tape Velum on the inside of the face so the LED candle's light is diffused.
I downloaded a bunch of pumpkin face vectors for "students" to use and sized them to fit the sides.

--Rich Farwell
Pumpkins face 1_5764.jpg
Pumpkins face 2_5765.jpg

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