Pegs and Jokers

An area to upload images of pieces cut using VCarve Pro
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Pegs and Jokers

Post by johnarcher »

I came across this game a few months ago and decided to try and make one using my recently acquired Workbee CNC router. The original drawings were done using Progecad drawing software to see how the pieces would fit together when cut. I imported the draings into Vcarve desktop to create the gcode files.
The box is made from 12mm thick plywood using a 1/8"" end mill. The internal corners of the box joints do need dressing with a scroll saw to produce a square edge. The engraving on the lid is done with a 1/4" 90° Vbit.
The game pieces are made from 12mm x 150mm x 500mm hardwood. One piece of wood produces 2 game pieces. The outline of the safe and home areas is done with th 1/4" V-bit, the rest is done with a 1/8" end mill. I used the double sided asymetric hole method which was very well explained in the Vectric tutorial for making them.
The pictures are the second one I have made for relatives after they enjoyed playing with the first one I made for our own use.

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Re: Pegs and Jokers

Post by scottp55 »

Always nice when people appreciate your work!! :)
The smiles are one of the best reasons I love making stuff.

Well Done and Welcome to VERY useful,friendly Forum!
Keep cutting! :)
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Re: Pegs and Jokers

Post by woody53 »

That's Awesome !!! Great job. That's a fun game, I made a set for my youngest son, and he Loved it. I didn't make the box, and yours it perfect.


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Re: Pegs and Jokers

Post by dalepep1 »

does someone have a crv file for the pegs and jokers game? Price?

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